Monthly Anniversary “Monthsary” Love Quotes Pictures

That is the premise behind a “Monthsary” – short for “Monthly Anniversary.” During Monthsaries, couples – mostly teenagers and young adults – celebrate their relationship every month, and not wait for a full year before doing so. Feel free to share these Monthly Anniversary “Monthsary” Love Quotes Pictures with the him or her, boyfriend, girlfriend and lover.

Happy 1st monthsary Wishes Quotes Messages Images

Monthsary Love Quotes

I can conquer the world with one hand
as long as you hold the other with me.
Happy Monthsary Darling.

Happy monthsary to someone I can share
all that I want to, laugh cry smile giggle and trouble with.
Happy Monthsary Sweetheart.

Sweet Monthsary Quotes For Her

As each day passes my love for you grows immensely!
Happy Monthsary my love.

We have been both great and beautiful together
to bring out the most ugly in one another at times.
Happy Monthsary to us.

Happy Monthsary Love Quotes to Baby Darling Shona Sweety Girlfriend

Thirty days have passed in which
I have come to know that I have found a very special treasure.
I cherish every moment and day spent with you my love.
Happy Monthsary to you darling.

Once again the special day is here,
and on this day we celebrate our love a new.
Happy Monthsary Sweety!.

Monthly Anniversary Monthsary Love Quotes Pictures

Whenever I woke up and see your face in the sun,
it reminds me the world is still
so beautiful with you being in it.
Happy Monthsary Jaanu.

The shine of pearl in my life has always brightened my paths
and bestowed love upon me.
Thanks for being the pearl of my life.
Happy Monthsary Baby.

Happy Monthsary to Darling Quotes Tagalog Images

Higher than heights and deeper than the depths
has been my love for you.
Once again today I celebrate our day of love.
“Happy Monthsary Shona”

I love you and Happy Monthsary

It may have been a short time since we met
and fell in love, but this time has been so precious enough
that days like our monthsary make our love deeper and stronger.
“Happy Monthsary”.

Happy 16th Monthsary Wishes Images Pictures Wallpapers

Happy Monthly Anniversary

Lets reach for the stars again
since its the day when moon shines full bright after 30 days
and its been one more month of togetherness.
Happy Monthly Anniversary.

Happy Monthsary to you my dear

I learned to accept who or what you are,
I learned to dream about having you in my life forevermore,
I learned to sacrifice my pride,
I learned to smile whenever I’m sad.
Happy Monthly Anniversary.

Happy Monthly Anniversary Greetings

I really do love you,
really do care for you,
and I really want you to be not just in my life,
but in my future life.
Happy Monthly Anniversary.

You have been my alcohol
and I’ve been your addict.
Its our monthsary
and I want to drown in the pool of your love.
Happy Monthly Anniversary my love.

Chocolates are no near to comparison to your sweetness.
Roses can’t compete with your beauty and loveliness.
I love you for being you and being with me for so long.
Happy Monthly Anniversary Greetings.

Happy Monthsary Greetings Quotes

You cared me when I need You made me happy
when I was sad You guided me
when I was confused
Happy Monthsary to you my dear.

Happy Monthsary Darling Quotes Images

I may not be perfect for you
but I will strive to make everything perfect for you.
Happy Monthsary darling.

I will always remember the moment we became lovers.
I can’t imagine my life without you since then.
Thank you for the love and caring.
I love you and Happy Monthsary!

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